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Slavic Committee of the Czech Republic held a conference on the situation in Donbass

05 November 2018
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On November 3, the annual meeting of the Czech Slavic Committee was held in Prague. The meeting was attended by a chairman of “Society of Friends of the DPR and LPR” Jaromir Vashek, chairman of the Slavic Committee Jan Minarzh, and chief editor of the Slavic Reciprocity newspaper Jan Jelinek.
At the meeting situation in Donbass was discussed. Jaromir Vashek in his speech spoke about the desire of the Slavic organizations of the DPR and LPR to cooperate with Czech organizations.
In his speech, Jan Minar thanked the residents of Donbass and announced that the cooperation of Slavic Committee with representatives of Donbass will develop. He also wished all residents of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics a speedy restoration of peace and prosperity in all spheres of political and public life.