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The International Book Fair in Turin supported Donbass

19 October 2021
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On October 17, in Turin, within the framework of the International Book Fair at the initiative of the Ministry of International Cooperation of the Piedmont region, a meeting was held on the topic of Ukrainian aggression against Donbass. The main speaker was Maurizio Marrone, Head of the International Cooperation Department of the Piedmont Region Administration, Co-Chairman of the DPR Representative Center in Turin.

During the meeting participants discussed issues of humanitarian aid to children from countries involved in the conflicts unleashed by the West. In particular, they talked about the conflict in Donbass and the war crimes of the Ukrainian authorities, from which the children of the Donetsk People's Republic suffer.

Mr. Marrone shared his impressions:

“For the first time at the largest cultural event in Italy, the truth about the war in Donbass is being broadcast, this is an important reason for informing the public about the facts censored by the leading Western media. We want to strengthen relations between the residents of Donbass and Italians and provide humanitarian support to children living in the front-line zones."

After lifting a number of restrictive measures to prevent coronavirus infection, the DPR Representative Center in Turin resumed regular events in support of Donbass. An event "Wish Tree" organized by Maurizio Marrone was held in September in the Italian city of Novara.

DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses its sincere gratitude to the Ministry of International Cooperation of the Piedmont region, as well as the Representative Center in Turin for disseminating truthful information about real situation in Donbass and for active information support of the Republic in the international arena.