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Images appeared in memory of Alexander Zakharchenko in Italy

02 September 2019
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On August 31, in the Italian city of Turin, a team of artists DonbassArt completed a large mural dedicated to the memory of Alexander Zakharchenko. The fresco is located in Turin's street art park. The commemorative work, framed by the colors of the Italian flag, measuring 3x2 meters, symbolizes the sorrow of the Donbass people over the deceased leader of the region’s independence movement.

On the same day, in the Italian city of Potenza, hundreds of commemorative posters with the words “Against terrorism. The immortal hero Zakharchenko. "

Maurizio Marrone, the head of the DPR Representative center in Turin, commented on this action:

“It is very touching that young artists want to honor Zakharchenko in Europe. Obviously, young Italians are tired of seeing the inaction of their own government, dancing to the tune of Brussels and Washington, and look at Zakharchenko as an example of a hero who sacrificed his life for the freedom and sovereignty of the Republic and his people. It also means that the DPR Representative centers in Italy are successfully delivering true information about what is happening in Donbass, helping to establish cultural interaction between the young generation on both sides, despite Russophobic propaganda.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Donetsk People’s Republic expresses its gratitude to the DPR Representative centers in Italy, all the participants of this action, as well as the caring residents of Europe who disseminate reliable information about what is happening in Donbass.