Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic


03 February 2021
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Here are the main results of the working groups and the Contact Group meetings held yesterday and today, as well as the Republic’s position on the main issues.

On issues of political settlement, it is still not possible to start a constructive discussion of the consolidated draft Roadmap for the Package of Measures implementation. The Ukrainian delegation continues to ignore the draft Roadmap presented by Republics, and is trying to involve the Russian Federation in the work on this document. However, this state is not a party to the conflict, which is stipulated in the documents of the Minsk package and on which the representatives of the Republics have repeatedly focused the attention of the Ukrainian delegates. Trying in every possible way to block further discussion of this issue, the delegation of the official Kiev proposed to start discussing other agenda items that cannot be resolved without understanding that Kiev is still ready to implement the Minsk agreements in full and in practice. This determines the priority of work on the draft Roadmap, since it is this document that should become the necessary step for Kiev to officially confirm its adherence to the Minsk agreements.

Discussion of security issues has once again become evidence of Ukraine's unwillingness to start solving the most acute and urgent issues in this field.

Yesterday, during the negotiation process, the Ukrainian party rejected any constructive proposals from the Donetsk People's Republic that could contribute to the resumption of security guarantees and restoration work on the pipeline of the Krasnogorovka-Marinka gas distribution station.

In addition, representatives of the Ukrainian authorities again stated that they do not see the need to concretize or supplement the text of the Measures to strengthen the ceasefire regime, and also see no reason to discuss the issue of blocking the coordination mechanism work.

Such statements are especially cynical against the background of the growing number of ceasefire violations by the AFU, which, according to the DPR representative office in the JCCC (, again lead to civilian casualties and destruction of housing and civil infrastructure.

Negotiations on humanitarian issues also did not contribute to positive developments. Substantive proposals of the Republics on the need for procedural clearing of detained persons once again did not find support from the Ukrainian delegation. Representatives of official Kiev, constantly manipulating the humanitarian agenda, cannot formulate a consistent position on issues related to the procedure for the exchange of detainees and the opening of new checkpoints.

Within the framework of economical group work, the position of the Republic was declared regarding the need to take the first step and at least calculate the amount of wage arrears to railway employees on the part of Ukraine. We look forward to further cooperation in resolving this issue on the part of the Ukrainian delegation with the assistance of the OSCE coordinator.