Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Podium discussion on the topic “Russian-Ukrainian conflict” was held in Berlin

11 March 2022
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On  March 10, in Berlin, under the patronage of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, a podium discussion on the topic “Russian-Ukrainian conflict” was held. Participants included journalist and editor-in-chief of COMPACT magazine Jürgen Elsässer, member of the Berlin Chamber of Deputies from the AfD party Gunnar Lindemann and Brandenburg parliamentarian from the AfD party Lars Günther.

In his speech, Mr. Lindemann, who regularly comes to Donbass with humanitarian visits, spoke about the real causes of the conflict, as well as the efforts made by the Republics to resolve it.

He also drew the attention of participants that the war did not start two weeks ago, as Western media broadcast, but in 2014, when the Ukrainian authorities decided to launch military operations against civilians.

The DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses its gratitude to the AfD party and, in particular, to Gunnar Lindemann for the systematic support and non-indifference to the fate of Donbass.