Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

DPR Minister of Foreign Affairs Natalia Nikonorova congratulated the residents of Donbass, Russia and Europe on Victory Day

09 May 2022
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The main theses:

🔷 The historical and spiritual significance of Victory Day has always been great for Donbass residents and their attitude has always been sacred. 

🔷 That fact that the end of the most bloodiest war in the history of Europe is celebrated in Europe and here on different dates should not become a reason for depreciating the deeds of soldiers, who fought against the brown plague. 

🔷 Due to the actions of the Ukrainian authorities Donbass and its inhabitants are faced with the echoes of Nazism now, in modern times. The descendants of veterans of the Great Patriotic War have been fighting this misery for the 9th year, continuing the work of predecessors.

🔷 The peoples of Donetsk and Lugansk learned the horrors of the Nazi ideology not only by studying historical past, but also by living in the harsh present, in which Ukrainian nationalist battalions and radicals, supported by the central leadership of the country, commit blatant atrocities, monstrous war crimes.

◼️ However, it should be obvious for these criminals that they are going to be found by same unenviable fate that befell the Nazis in 1945 - liquidation or a tribunal.

📣 We call on the descendants of great warriors not to let the sacred struggle for which our grandfathers and great-grandfathers gave their lives be devalued and trampled, not to let the memory of horrors happened in Europe under the yoke of the Nazis be erased, not to let those common values and ideals for which it was fought 77 years ago and for which we are fighting in Donbass now be trampled.

🔷 Despite all attempts to separate and quarrel Europe and Russia, we have a lot of common grounds for mutual understanding and friendship. And Victory Day is one of these secure foundations.

❗️Let's take care of that what unites us. And for those who causes bad blood, we advise to refresh the memory of events of May 1945. After all, history always comes full circle.

🔗Video message available at the link.