Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic


09 July 2020
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The discussion of the Contact Group regulations caused a spirited debate. Especially the Ukrainian party insisted on the disagreement to remove paragraph 2.1, securing the right of the group to lunch break. At the same time, representatives of Kiev were ready to sacrifice other, critically important items, such as the clause on the participation of working groups in the decision-making process. It is significant that the Ukrainian negotiators are more interested in issues of their own comfort than productive work.
However, we were able to reach consensus on clause 2.3, which will be adopted in a compromise edition. According to it, all participants of the Contact Group will be required to send their reactions regarding the agenda of the next meeting in writing, no later than two days before it. We hope that thanks to this item we will be able to avoid a repetition of the situation in which Kiev refuses to discuss agenda items, or will replace them in order to satisfy its immediate interests.
Despite certain advances in regulations progress, the pace of work on it is still insufficient. First of all, this is due to the attitude of the Ukrainian negotiators, who consider the issue of the regulation as secondary. We hope that the Ukrainian party will take the next meeting more seriously and prepare substantive article-by-article proposals on this issue.