Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic


14 October 2020
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We should state the absence of concrete results of today's Contact Group meeting. Unfortunately, a constructive and fruitful dialogue on the fundamental issues of the negotiation process did not take place.
“The contradiction between the resolution of the Verkhovna Rada on local elections and the Complex of Measures has not been eliminated, although the Ukrainian delegation commited to contribute this process two months ago. Obviously, in the opinion of the parliament, the current representatives of Ukraine in Minsk do not have any authority. This situation also demonstrate the absence of mechanism for the implementation of possible agreements. The coordination of any decisions in the Contact Group does not mean anything to Ukrainian legislative body, 
Apparently, the Rada deputies believe that since they did not sign the Minsk agreements with their entire composition, therefore it is not necessary to observe them.
In an attempt to overcome these negative tendencies, we presented a compromise proposal capable of breaking the deadlock in the negotiation process. We proposed a comprehensive draft of Action Plan (Roadmap) for the conflict settlement in accordance with the Minsk agreements, on which all negotiators agreed to work at first.
To finalize this document, it was only necessary to give a joint instruction to the working group on political issues. However, this time the Ukrainian party, expressing its unwillingness to work on the basis of the document of our authorship, delayed its discussion for several hours. It is obvious that such actions are aimed at blocking the process and depriving our proposal of any prospects” - Natalia Nikonorova noted.
On other agenda issues, the Contact Group participants heard the reports of the working groups coordinators without any discussion. 
On the security track, the Ukrainian side continues to block the clarification of the coordination mechanism with the JCCC participation in the current composition, as the only way of control. This also confirms its withdrawal from the previously agreed measures to strengthen the ceasefire.
In addition, the inconsistency can be noted of our counterparts’ positions in terms of procedural issues of the Contact Group meetings. Insistently demanding confidentiality and a ban on audio and video recording, the Ukrainian party makes leaks of audio recordings, which it allegedly “does not keep”.
The DPR Plenipotentiary expressed the hope that despite the volatility of positions and the "volatility" of the Ukrainian political realities, it would still be possible to record Kiev's commitment to the implementation of the Minsk agreements and unblock the negotiation process.