Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic


09 February 2022
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Due to Ukraine’s unwillingness to discuss real practical steps and make concrete decisions on all negotiating tracks, the talks on a peaceful settlement in Donbass are again in stagnation.

Therefore, this Contact Group meeting did not lead to any progress. The participants listened to working groups coordinators’ reports. And it was obvious to everyone that the parties’ positions on key, fundamental issues on the agenda had not converged one iota.

Thus, on the security track, the stumbling block remains the question of a common understanding of the current JCCC composition, as well as the parameters of the coordination mechanism created to promptly prevent ceasefire violations and escalation.

As part of humanitarian issues, our current, practical proposal to develop uniform rules for crossing checkpoints with the involvement of doctors, as well as, if necessary, WHO representatives, again remained without attention of Ukrainian negotiators. On the central issue of the exchange, Ukraine still did not ensure the “procedural clearance” of previously exchanged persons, inventing new speculations.

The key issue on the economic agenda - the lifting of economic blockade imposed by the Kiev authorities - remains without concrete proposals from the Ukrainian side, as well as the payment of legal social benefits, including pensions.