Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Head of the DPR MFA commented failure of a sitting in Minsk

21 May 2019
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As a result of the change of the president of Ukraine and his team, the most important dialogue on the peaceful resolving of the armed conflict in Donbass falls under threat of failure.

The regular sitting of the Contact group in Minsk was to be held in early May 2019, but at the request of the Ukrainian party, the meeting was postponed to May 22.

However, this time the Ukrainian delegation avoided its obligations by refusing to arrive in Minsk for negotiations, due to lack of authority, forcing to suspend the work of the only platform for direct negotiations of the conflict parties and postpone the next meeting of the Contact group and its working groups to June 5, 2019.

To resume a fully-fledged negotiation process, the new Ukraine’s leadership should take a concrete step to resolve the situation through diplomacy and, before the next meeting, appoint plenipotentiaries in the Contact group and its working groups, whose task will be a constructive dialogue with the Republics and consistent implementation of the signed Minsk agreements.

We hope that thanks to this, on June 5, the OSCE will manage to organize an informative meeting of the Contact group, which will facilitate the negotiation process to resolve the armed conflict between Kiev and Donbass.