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For the first time during Minsk process, official Kiev set a precedent for not agreeing a truce on the eve of holidays

18 April 2019
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A meeting of the working group on security issues and the Contact group via video-conference was held today. The only and most important agenda issue was an agreeing the parameters for renewing the parties’ obligations to introduce a comprehensive, unconditional truce on the eve of the Easter holidays.

The efforts of the other participants were ignored by official Kiev - its representatives in the working group on security issues continued their previous destructive line: they refused to discuss and coordinate with representatives of the Republic specific additional measures for strengthening and controlling the truce, which should be included to the text of the Contact group’s statement on renewing the parties’ obligations on compliance with the cease-fire. At the meeting of the Contact Group the Ukrainian negotiators even refused to discuss the statement proposed by the OSCE, which contained some additional measures.

Unfortunately, the frank inadequacy of the Ukrainian party, which in its fantasies continues to fight with the Russian Federation, did everything possible not to reach a consensus in solving the most important task - to ensure a comprehensive and stable ceasefire, thereby creating a precedent for not reconciling the truce.

Any unilateral statements are nothing more than an imitation of real practical steps aimed at achieving the effectiveness of peace initiatives. Of course, we are interested in the earliest possible coordination of an effective truce on the eve of the Easter holidays, however, it is clear that this is possible only if additional measures are taken to strengthen and control it.

We hope that at the upcoming meeting in Minsk on April 24, the Ukrainian party will scale back its political ambitions and support peace initiatives to introduce the current, not fictitious, Easter truce.