Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Agenda of the Contact Group sitting (February 13)

13 February 2019
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The meeting of the Contact Group began in Minsk. Issues considered in the framework of the work of relevant groups were brought up for discussion:

- the growing number of tragic consequences of ceasefire violations that remain unpunished puts at the center of the subgroup on security issues work the speedy coordination and introduction of additional measures to control and strengthen the truce;
- in the subgroup on humanitarian issues, discussion of the lists of detained persons continued in order to clarify the possibility of an early exchange according to the formula “all determined to all determined”;
- introduction of the pension payment mechanism proposed by the ICRC, repayment of Ukraine’s debt to railway employees and the state enterprise “Water of Donbass” still remain the priority topics of the negotiating position of Republican representatives in the subgroup on economic issues.
- negotiators in the political subgroup today discussed the proposals made by the group coordinator from the OSCE SMM regarding the implementation of Steinmeier’s formula.