Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Agenda of the Contact Group sitting (January 17)

17 January 2019
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The first meeting of the Contact Group began this year in Minsk. Issues considered in the framework of the work of relevant groups were brought up for discussion:

- in the framework of the subgroup on humanitarian issues a discussion was resumed of practical issues related to the exchange of detained persons according to the formula “all for all”, as well as the consequences of the formula non-implementation due to Ukraine’s fault in 2018;

- in the framework of the subgroup on security issues, the consequences of violations by the Ukrainian party of the existing truce, in particular the targeted shelling of the “ Water of Donbass” Company and its three employees, became an acute and problematic topic. In this context, the most urgent issue is the adoption of an early agreement on additional measures to strengthen and control the cease-fire regime.

- in the work of the economical subgroup, Republican representatives continued to insist on agreeing a mechanism for paying pensions, as well as Ukraine’s debt to employees of the railway station and private enterprise “Water of Donbass”;

- the political subgroup worked on unblocking a discussion on the Donbass special status, and also raised a number of practical issues, including those related to the legal framework for settling the special status.