Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic


28 October 2020
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In response to the Republics’ initiative on the Roadmap, Ukraine has undertaken to submit its appropriate project

The result of today's negotiating round was the commitment of the official Kiev representatives to submit for discussion their counter-proposals on the draft Roadmap.

“We welcome that the Ukrainian party has finally undertaken to develop and submit its own version of such an important comprehensive document as an action plan to resolve the conflict in accordance with the Minsk agreements. Next Wednesday, we expect the corresponding document from the official Kiev for further review and analysis.

We hope that this draft will cover, like the version we provided earlier, all negotiating areas and issues, including amendments to the Constitution, and also contain clear deadlines for the fulfillment of settlement obligations so that the Contact Group participants could begin to discuss and agree on a consolidated version of the Roadmap.

A consensus must be found and a single document agreed upon, which will be approved by the Verkhovna Rada, thereby simultaneously confirming Ukraine's adherence to the Minsk agreements and the mandate of its representatives in the negotiations. In turn, this will allow unblocking the work of all profile groups and achieve real, practical progress” - Natalia Nikonorova told about the Contact Group sitting.

The DPR Plenipotentiary expressed hope for continued effective work in the format of written proposals exchange. Only when the written positions of the parties appear on the negotiating table, it is possible to start substantive and effective work on all negotiation tracks.