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Results of the sitting of the group on economical issues (January 17)

17 January 2019
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The first in 2019 sitting of the group on economical issues brought certain practical advances in conducting an audit of the enterprise “Water of Donbass”. This is a particularly important decision, because at the moment the salaries to company's employees are still not paid and continue to grow - for about five months the workers are forced to work without payment.
“The parties have finally managed to agree and approve a project note for conducting an international audit of the “Water of Donbass” company. Now we have to work with the roadmap and development of technical specifications. We hope that this significant breakthrough in the group work will lead to practical positive results and the payment to employees” - DPR Plenipotentiary Natalia Nikonorova noted.
We would like to recall that the dismissed employees of the state enterprise “Ukrzaliznitsa” and PJSC “Ukrzaliznitsa” also remain without paying legal salary.
It should be noted that at a meeting of the working group, the ICRC Head in Ukraine, Alan Eshliman, stated that the ICRC lawyers carefully studied Ukrainian legislation and did not reveal any contradictions for the pensions payments proposed by the ICRC.
“In response to this, Kiev negotiators could only invite Eshliman to talk with their leadership, which once again demonstrates attempts to politicize the issue of pensions and social payments by the Ukrainian party, as well as having a real opportunity to solve this problematic issue in the legal field of Ukraine” - Nikonorova noted.
At the sitting, the Ukrainian party reiterated its readiness to soon disclose its official position on the practical mechanism for paying pensions to low-mobility citizens proposed by the ICRC. In response, the coordinator recalled the need to provide it in writing form.
In addition, the first sitting this year was full of news about the change of the OSCE SMM coordinator, as well as the resignation of the ICRC Head in Ukraine, Alan Eshliman. Instead of Mr. Ambassador Peer Fischer, who leaves the negotiation process, Ambassador Ulrich Brandenburg is appointed as the coordinator.
The DPR Plenipotentiary thanked both representatives and expressed hope for the continuation of successful interaction with their successors.
“It is impossible to overestimate the contribution to the negotiation process on the conflict peaceful resolving, which was made by Mr. Ambassador Fisher and the ICRC Head of the delegation in Ukraine, Alan Eshliman. We are grateful to you for all the efforts made in solving practical issues, and we expect that your successors will also be responsible for their work. We hope that in the near future, efforts in this area will still lead to positive practical results”- Natalia Nikonorova said.