Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Results of the sitting of the group on economical issues (December 4)

05 December 2018
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Against the background of chronic problems in the socioeconomic sphere, the Ukrainian party continues to distance from real practical work in the group on economical issues. However, according to paragraph 8 of the Complex of measures for Minsk agreements implementation, signed in 2015, Kiev authorities undertook obligations, independently or with an international assistance, to restore the social payments that were frozen.

“Thanks to the efforts of the International Committee of Red Cross, a working mechanism has been prepared for pensions payment to low-mobility residents of Republics, developed within the framework of Minsk negotiating platform.
The Red Cross is still ready to provide comprehensive support in this issue, but Ukrainian party blocks the introduction of this mechanism on an ongoing basis” - Natalia Nikonorova said.

The situation is becoming critical with debts to workers of public corporation “Water of Donbass”, who have not been paid for four months. "Further disregard by the Ukrainian party of its obligations to pay debts to employees of public corporation “Water of Donbass” can lead to appropriate measures by Republic to ensure the smooth operation of strategically important water infrastructure facilities in Donbass and restore violated social rights of citizens" - Natalia Nikonorova stated.