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Results of the sitting of the group on economical issues (February 13)

13 February 2019
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Today, Republic’s negotiators in the group on economical issues once again raised the most important topics of repaying Kiev’s financial obligations to workers of the state enterprise “Water of Donbass” and the railway, as well as the early introduction of the pension payment mechanism proposed by the ICRC.
“We will not stop focusing on the artificial delaying by official Kiev the fulfillment of its financial obligations to employees of SE ”Water of Donbass” and the railway to pay salaries. It is unacceptable to make compliance with the laws on labor remuneration dependent on the conduct of an audit, or on the success of a commercial activity, or on any property interests of an enterprise.” - Natalia Nikonorova said.
Once again, the stumbling block was the position of the Ukrainian negotiators in the acute topic of pension payments. As of February 1, out of the total number of pensioners registered in the DPR, 672.2 thousand people and about 370 thousand people are not able to receive a pension in Ukraine, of which 93 thousand are people with limited mobility. The total amount of Ukraine’s debt to pensioners living in the Republic is 71.6 billion UAH, including 5.4 billion UAH to the persons with limited mobility, and with each passing day the amount of debt grows.
“Against the background of depressing statistics, Kiev’s delegates, after a long and difficult stage of discussing the mechanism of paying pensions to low-mobility citizens proposed by the ICRC, stated that this mechanism does not suit them. At the same time, even the OSCE coordinator could not figure out the reasons for refusing to implement this mechanism. Obviously, Ukraine has deliberately blocked the payment of legal pensions. Despite the extremely destructive position of the Ukrainian party, this issue remains a priority on the agenda of the group, and we will continue to strive for Kiev to fulfill its obligations.” - DPR Representative stated.