Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Results of the sitting of the group on economical issues (March 27)

28 March 2019
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The main focus of the Republic’s position within the framework of the economical subgroup is and will be the restoration of violated socio-economic citizens rights.
“We believe that it’s turn of Ukrainian side: rejecting the mechanism of paying pensions to residents of the Republics proposed by the ICRC, representatives of Kiev should offer an alternative option. At the same time, there is still no official position of the Ukrainian party on the mechanism under consideration, and any suggestions for resolving this issue.” - Natalia Nikonorova stated.
The unresolved issues of repayment of Ukraine’s debt to employees of the railway and the enterprise “Water of Donbass” remain acute.
“We hope that in the near future the final amount of debt to railway employees will be formed, because all the necessary technical and procedural issues for this have already been worked out. This will be a significant progress in restoring the violated rights of enterprise employees.” - DPR Plenipotentiary specified.