Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Results of the sitting of the group on economical issues (July 2)

03 July 2019
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At today's sitting of the group on economical issues, Republic’s representatives raised the most important topics of debt payments to railway workers and employees of the enterprise “Water of Donbass”, as well as agreeing on a mechanism for implementation of social payments to residents of the Republics.

“For no real reason, official Kiev frankly delays the coordination of an already prepared mechanism for the implementation of social payments. Documents are on the table, what else should be done to finally unlock the process?! Republics have raised such questions today at the sitting of the Contact group. We believe that in this topic no conditioning is permissible, social payments are the primary task in the group work” – Nikonorova clarified.

At the last sitting, representatives of the Ukraine’s delegation assumed a commitment to provide information on the revenue and spending data of the enterprise “Water of Donbass” for its study by the relevant experts, however, no data and official response from the Ukrainian representatives were received.

“It’s a pity that Ukraine is sabotaging the work on the communal enterprise “Water of Donbass”, we are concerned about this issue, because the stable operation of the enterprise is a stable water supply for the entire population of Donbass” – Nikonorova concluded.