Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The results of the group on economical issues (September 4)

04 September 2019
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The Republic’s negotiators in the group on economical issues insisted on agreeing the most important issues of paying off the accumulated financial obligations of Kiev to the employees of SE "Water of Donbass" and the railway, as well as the speedy coordination of the mechanism for paying pensions.

“It should be noted that by today’s meeting, the Ukrainian party has pledged to elaborate and supplement the information on the financial activities of SE “Water of Donbass”, but representatives of Kiev again voiced excuses and postponed the deadline for providing these data. Also, the Ukrainian party did not do anything to work out options for the payment of pensions and social benefits, no proposals were submitted for discussion” – Natalia Nikonorova said.

Despite all the conditions for the speedy resolution of these problematic issues, representatives of Kiev are making every effort to achieve the opposite result – to maximize the delay in the negotiation process. We hope that the active position of the group coordinator from the OSCE and the mediators represented by the Russian Federation will help to move these issues from the dead point to the next meeting.