Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The results of the group on economical issues (November 12)

12 November 2019
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After some progress at the last meeting of the economical group on the approval of terms for the international audit of “Water of Donbass” Company, we expected to continue discussion of the proposals put forward by us to normalize the situation with water supply. Since the audit can only be completed in a year, and the threat of stopping of the enterprise operation must be neutralized today. However, these proposals were left without proper elaboration by the Ukrainian party, in connection with which we cannot state the progress in this matter following the results of today's meeting.

“Kiev so far continues to avoid real and effective steps on the payment of salaries to employees of “Water of Donbass” Company and to the railway employees, as well as on pensions to Republic’s citizens.  Although in 2015, according to paragraph 8 of the Package of Measures for the implementation of Minsk agreements, the Ukrainian authorities assumed the obligations independently or with the help of international mechanisms to resume payments frozen by Ukraine” - DPR Plenipotentiary noted.

We hope that, with the assistance of international mediators, the Ukrainian negotiators will review their policy of conducting negotiations since Poroshenko regime in favor of the conscientious fulfillment of their obligations in the economic sphere.