Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The results of sitting of the group on economical issues (September 19)

19 September 2018

The group on economical issues continued discussion of citizens' rights violation to social security by Kiev.
Unfortunately, neither the recent statement of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), nor the unexpected position of the American curator of Ukraine Kurt Volker, who called the attitude of Ukrainian authorities towards pensioners living in the territory of the military conflict as disgrace, did not change the Kiev’s position. Just like the UN, we expect that Kiev authorities will not delay implementation of the decision of the Supreme Court of Ukraine, which recognized the termination of pensions payment to the residents of Donbass territory, which is not under Ukraine’s control, as illegal.
We hope that international organizations will keep this issue under special control. Despite the ICRC's proposal and readiness to contribute in every way to resolving this problem, the creation of an international mechanism for the implementation of social payments to the residents of the Republics is also blocked by the Ukrainian party.

The representatives of the United Nations not for the first time call on Kiev to remove obstacles to the receipt of pensions by all citizens, regardless of the status of temporary displaced person and called as discriminatory the established procedure for obtaining pensions in Ukraine, thereby supporting the Republics’ position.

Representatives of Kiev still can not voice their position on the issue of conducting an independent audit of corporate enterprise “Water of Donbass”. The issue of restoring the full-fledged work of the mobile operator Vodafone remains without significant progress. An updated application for the restoration of the optical fiber transmission system damaged on January 11, 2018 has not been yet got by JCCC . In this regard, the group coordinator Per Fischer promised to contribute to the early transfer of the application and its approval in the JCCC of the parties.

Representatives of the Republic again raised a point of joint work on the mechanism for paying off Vodafone's debts for electricity, but the Ukrainian party continues to shy away from financial obligations. While the Ukrainian party drags out the solution of this issue by all means, about 3 million rubles a month is a financial burden on the republican subjects of managing the energy supply market to compensate for the costs of the Ukrainian operator's operation.