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An action in support of Donbass children was held in Athens

01 October 2018
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At the Athens University of Fine Arts, teachers and students organized a project about the situation in the Donetsk People's Republic.
The aim of the project is to support the inhabitants of Donbass, in particular to express solidarity with children living in combat zones.
The project included a round table with the participation of teachers from schools in Athens.
The event was visited by a large number of residents of Athens and other Greek cities, which clearly demonstrates interest in the events taking place in Donbass.
The main speaker of the event was the Chairman of the DPR Representative Center in Greece, Andreas Zafeiris. He mentioned the theme of the Greek community in Donbass, abandoned by the Greek state after the conflict began.
 Participants agreed on the need to support those regions where children live in war and danger. Also, the participants paid tribute to the memory of three children killed in the explosion of a mine in Gorlovka.