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Donetsk People's Republic

The results of the group on security issues (December 18)

19 December 2019
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As part of the work of the group on security issues, parties outlined their positions within the framework of the tasks set by the leaders of the Normandy format. One of the most important task is to ensure a stable ceasefire along the contact line.

In this regard, Republican representatives recalled that the previous ceasefire was agreed upon as unlimited and was reinforced by a package of additional measures to strengthen and control it, according to which all cases of ceasefire violations should be conducted by the parties and appropriate disciplinary sanctions should be applied to violators.

“Since July 21, i.e. since the entry into force of renewed obligations to comply with an unlimited ceasefire, 22 civilians were injured as a result of AFU shelling, 287 houses and 377 civilian infrastructure and 8 vehicles were damaged.

The Ukrainian side has not conducted any proceedings on any of these facts, the guilty parties have not been found and brought to justice” - DPR Plenipotentiary emphasized the problem.

Against this background, the Ukrainian side proposed to coordinate a new, so-called "winter" truce in the near future.

“The important thing is not the name of the ceasefire, not the new dates, which are just another PR of official Kiev, but the effective observance of the ceasefire and additional measures to strengthen and control it, which were previously agreed by the parties as perpetual, and which no one has declared expired.

As we have seen in practice, there is no matter how the ceasefire is called, but how it is respected. The experience of previous agreements shows that the Ukrainian side violates the ceasefire on the first day after its entry into force.

It is precisely for this purpose that the mechanism of additional measures to control the current ceasefire was proposed and agreed with such difficulty. That is why Republics invited the Contact Group to declare their commitment to the full and comprehensive implementation of the ceasefire, supported by the implementation of all necessary measures to maintain it in accordance with its statement of July 17, 2019” - Natalia Nikonorova explained.

The negotiators also outlined their vision for the further implementation of the Framework Decision and related processes.

“Kiev delegates did not voice a single concrete proposal for new possible disengagement grounds, while our representatives came up with real working options.

In this regard, the Republics were forced to recall that for further effective advancement in the issue of disengagement, it is necessary to agree on a draft Addition to the Framework Decision, which will regulate everything that has not been taken into account earlier.

The working document summarized by the Mission is on the table, and all that is needed now is to agree on the details and approve the Addition. This will eliminate all the problematic issues that were revealed during disengagement at the pilot ground, and constructively coordinate new grounds” – DPR Plenipotentiary said.