Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The results of the group on security issues (March 11)

11 March 2020
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Today, the negotiators of the security group actively discussed the specific coordinates of potential disengagement sites, as well as the draft additions to the Framework decision, which is necessary for the implementation of further withdrawal of forces and hardware.

“The discussion in the subgroup on security issues was quite intense, the Ukrainian party tried to sabotage a direct discussion with the representatives of the new sites’ borders. At the same time, the negotiators’ position of official Kiev remained unchanged - they did not prepare any compromise proposals.

All these factors did not add constructiveness and did not lead to progress in coordinating the boundaries of new sites. At the moment, all areas previously proposed by the parties remain in operation, of which two out of three conditionally coincide on our territory: in the area of ​​the checkpoint “Oktyabr - Gnutovo” and the Donetsk filter station - Avdeevka industrial zone.

In this regard, the Contact Group instructed the participants of the security subgroup during the week to work out compromise proposals for absolutely all options proposed earlier for potential sites. Note that our negotiators worked out and proposed compromise options for the last meeting on February 26 which, unfortunately, remained without the attention from the Ukrainian side” - said Natalia Nikonorov.

In addition, the plenipotentiary representatives of the Republics in the Contact Group as part of the work of the security subgroup in connection with the ongoing escalation on the contact line demanded that the Ukrainian side comply with the additional measures agreed in July 2019 to strengthen and control the unlimited ceasefire, including the conduct of relevant proceedings.