Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The results of the group on security issues (November 11)

11 November 2020
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Today, as part of the discussion of the security group sitting results, the participants of the Contact Group heard a report of the coordinator Ambassador Cevik and focused on the deadlock that has developed with the implementation of the Measures to strengthen the ceasefire.
“Our proposal remains the same - to agree on an updated set of Measures as soon as possible so that it starts to work effectively, because in our opinion, the Ukrainian party completely disavowed the previously signed document, refusing to agree on “interaction within the existing JCCC composition”.
It is critically necessary for full-fledged work to clarify the functionality of the coordination mechanism and sign the amended agreement as quickly as possible.
Since July 27, more than 500 ammunition has been fired across our territory, not mention the use of small arms, of which half (254) was fired in the last two weeks.
Moreover, three servicemen died in our country, and one of them Andrey Pankin was the battalion commander who tried to save his soldier wounded as a result of the AFU mortar fire. The battalion commander was killed by a Ukrainian sniper, which categorically contradicts both the logic of the current unconditional and indefinite ceasefire and internationally recognized humanitarian norms.
If we briefly summarize the current state of affairs on the security track on all agenda issues, including disengagement and mine action, then we can state that, based on the position and proposals of Ukraine on the Roadmap, we need to mine, but not to demine our border, since Ukraine is determined to resolve the conflict by force. This is the worst-case scenario for resolving an armed conflict, which is far from a peaceful political settlement. But today the Ukrainian party has recognized the need to bring its projects in line with the Minsk Agreements and we still expect them to fulfill their promise,” - Natalia Nikonorova said about the negotiating situation.