Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic


14 May 2020
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Today, as at the previous meeting of the Contact Group, in terms of security issues, unfortunately, no progress has been made on any agenda issue. Ukraine could only provide us with the new composition of its delegation.  

“The sharp escalation that led to the wounded among the civilian population, including five minors, as well as nostalgic Ukrainian references to the 2018 proposals in the field of security make us think that Kiev is trying to continue Poroshenko’s policy. It was this "policy" that led to the most severe shelling of the Republic’s territory, as well as to the most tense situation in the negotiation process. In conditions when it is extremely important to coordinate additional measures to control the ceasefire as urgently as possible, representatives of Kiev are leading the negotiation process to absurdity, pretending that they allegedly did not receive draft proposals on these measures. We would like to recall that at previous meetings the Ukrainian side not only saw these projects, but also actively participated in their discussion, deleting from them the most essential provisions, in particular, the ban on any kind of fire, reconnaissance and sabotage activities, as well as the need for operational communications.

Once again, we emphasize that our main priority in the work of the security group is the urgent approval and signing of additional measures that would allow us to strengthen the current indefinite truce. The urgent need for this was also supported by the mediators of the negotiation process - the OSCE and the Russian Federation. We hope that through joint efforts we will be able to overcome Ukraine’s reluctance to secure the signature of its representative to follow all the conditions of an unlimited ceasefire” – DPR Plenipotentiary said.