Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The results of sitting of the group on security issues (September 19)

19 September 2018

In the framework of the group on security issues the negotiators once again tried to agree on additional measures to monitor the current ceasefire. However, the Ukrainian party has as usual blocked an agreement, issuing an ultimatum: if at least one measure is questionable, then all measures are considered as non agreed.
At the last sitting, the Contact Group instructed to work out the wording and agree on a package of additional control measures. In particular, because of the unprecedented sabotage organized by Ukrainian special services, as a result of which the DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko was killed, it was proposed to include into the list of measures a prohibition on sabotage activities.
Let us emphasize that the data collected during the investigation of the murder of the Minsk Agreement signatory clearly indicate the involvement of the SSU, as well as Western special services, in the organization of the terrorist attack. Technologies that were used in the explosion are not available to Ukraine. This is confirmed by the testimony of a former SSU agent Alexander Pogorelov. We do not doubt that in the near future a full evidence base will be collected and corresponding charges will be brought.
During the sitting of the Contact Group, the authorized representative of the DPR Natalia Nikonorova noted that more effective steps are needed in this direction, because civilians continue to suffer from ceasefire violations. In fact, the parties have no fundamental objections to the main points of additional measures and they have concrete proposals on wording. In this regard, with the support of the Coordinator Martin Sajdik, it was decided that the next sitting of the CMM OSCE would update the draft document on additional control measures, taking into account all proposals of the negotiators.
The Ukrainian party should formulate its wishes in writing form and send them to the coordinator of the subgroup, Ambassador Apakan, because representatives of the Russian Federation and the Republics have already done it.
A significant practical achievement was the successful carrying out of major repair and restoration works on the section of South Donbass water pipeline in the area of ​ Avdeevskaya industrial zone. With the personal assistance of the First Deputy Head of the OSCE CMM Alexander Hug and the direct participation of the JCCC of the parties, the forces of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Donetsk People's Republic conducted a complex demining of the passage to the place of shell holes, after which the personnel of the corporate enterprise “Water of Donbass” were able to promptly conduct the necessary work.