Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Results of the sitting of the group on security issues (October 2)

03 October 2018
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In the framework of the group on security issues the negotiators were not able to review the updated draft of additional measures to control the existing truce and coordinate it, since the Ukrainian party sent its proposals to the OSCE SMM on the eve of the sitting, for this reason the Mission was not able to work out and update the draft document.
“The representatives of the Russian Federation and the Republics made a proposal to the coordinator of the Contact Group Mr. Saidik to make a statement on the agreement of the parties in the phased introduction of additional control measures. In this regard, to declare that the parties, in addition to the initial measures to control the cease-fire regime, impose a strict ban on the shelling of any civilian objects, including infrastructure, as well as a ban on sabotage and reconnaissance activities. It should be an important signal and a serious step to save lives” - the DPR representative said.
Unfortunately, the Ukrainian delegation again blocked the agreement, stating the about spurious need for the simultaneous adoption of a full package of additional measures.
At the last sitting, the Contact Group instructed the representatives of the Ukrainian delegation to send their proposals on additional measures by September 25, in order to update the draft document to this sitting and send it to the parties for consideration.
Despite the ban on flights of all aviation in the 30-kilometer zone near the contact line in accordance with clause 7 of the Memorandum, as well as the agreement to ban intelligence activities, the Ukrainian Armed Forces continue to regularly and with impunity use UAVs as a means of reconnaissance and adjustment of firing the territory of the Republic.
Unfortunately, recently, the armed forces of Ukraine have mastered the terrorist tactics - the use of UAVs for the purpose of combat destruction of ground targets. In September five such cases were recorded in the territory of the Republics, two of which led to the loss of life - wounding of two men and three women.
“We have not only the testimony of witnesses and victims of crimes, but also material evidence confirming the involvement of the Ukrainian party in these crimes. The investigating authorities are already working on the facts of the use of the UAV by the Ukrainian party” - the Plenipotentiary clarified.
It should be noted that the facts of the use by the Ukrainian armed forces of the shock UAV, which led to civilian casualties, voiced by representatives of the Republic are also confirmed by the reports of the OSCE SMM.
“The leadership of the OSCE SMM was informed by us with the appropriate note. We expect an assessment condemning the extremist methods of the armed formations of Ukraine in relation to the civilians of Donbass, from the OSCE Ambassador Saidik and the leaders of the Normandy Four” - Natalia Nikonorova said.