Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The results of the group of security issues (September 2)

02 September 2020
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Today, during the discussion of the security group meeting results, Contact Group members noted some progress in their work, but the hottest discussion was caused by the issue of the AFU's violation of additional measures to strengthen and control the current ceasefire regime, in particular the first three points.
“Despite irrefutable facts and evidence of systematic violations by the armed formations of Ukraine of the first and third points of additional measures, which is confirmed daily in the OSCE SMM reports, the Ukrainian party preferred to invent excuses that were supposed to convince all the Contact Group participants and the world community that these are not violations at all.
Unfortunately, the Mission has not yet published the results of its monitoring in the area of the village of Shumy, which we asked it about on the eve and during the previous Contact Group meeting. However, the Head of the OSCE SMM, Mr. Cevik, informed all the participants that such data had already been collected and would be published in one of the daily reports of the Mission soon after appropriate technical refinement.
At the same time, the Mission Head emphasized that the parties should respond to mutual claims for violations without waiting for the OSCE SMM reports, and we fully agree with the position of Ambassador Cevik. That is, the Mission's report is not a prerequisite in order to conduct an investigation and take appropriate response measures to eliminate the violations that we discuss.
In this regard, we once again said about the position of the Republic Head and called on the Ukrainian party to show prudence and responsibility in eliminating and minimizing all their violations, including positional violations in the area of Petrovskoe - Bogdanovka disengagement area and in the area of the village of Shumy in the shortest possible time. If everything is done, we will not be forced to resort to the appropriate extreme measures provided for by the agreements to control the ceasefire and designated by the Head of the Republic.
At the same time, we emphasize that we have fully complied with the protocol of actions envisaged by additional measures. We have repeatedly activated the coordination mechanism, repeatedly notified the OSCE SMM and called on the Ukrainian  party to eliminate its violations. And today we notify all participants of the Contact Group that we will be forced to implement the Head’s instructions in case of non-elimination violations by the Ukrainian side, about which additional notification will be sent to avoid any possible victims"- Natalia Nikonorova told.

Also, after the decision by official Kiev of the issue of the fourth paragraph of the Verkhovna Rada Resolution "On the appointment of the next local elections in 2020" that contradicts the Minsk Agreements, it will become possible to put into practice documents related to mine action and the disengagement of forces and hardware, which, in fact, are ready for signing.