Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The results of the group on security issues (April 22)

22 April 2020
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Today at the meeting of the Contact Group regarding security issues, unfortunately, significant progress was not achieved on any agenda item.
Due to the position of Ukraine’s representatives, the DPR Plenipotentiary was forced to remind those present about the main goal of the process of disengagement of forces and hardware.
“It is the reduction of the escalation on the contact line to its complete elimination along with the requirements of the Framework Decision that should be the main criterion for the new sections coordination. However, the Ukrainian side continues to politicize this process, despite the fact that for a long time there are real sections that no one has any objections to, and they fully comply with the requirements of the Framework Decision. This position of Ukraine compels us to state the fact that official Kiev has no political will to resolve this important issue” - Natalia Nikonorova stated.
In terms of agreeing on the text of the draft Supplement to the Framework Decision on the disengagement of forces and hardware, it was coordinated that in order to accelerate the process, the OSCE coordinator to the next meeting of the working group on security issues will provide the parties with a consolidated version, in the text of which all the matching points will be reflected, and comparison table will reflect all the differences.
“We hope that such a consolidated version prepared by the OSCE on the basis of existing proposals will help to intensify the process of agreeing on the text of the project and achieve a reasonable compromise solution with the coordination of new sections” - the Plenipotentiary noted.
As part of the discussion of the current indefinite truce violations, Natalia Nikonorova focused on the tragic consequences of such violations, which took the life of a 25-year-old girl and led to injuries of two civilians.
“The most eloquent example for understanding the real position of the Ukrainian authorities is the tragic story of a young girl who died as a result of the use of shock UAVs by the armed forces of Ukraine, which can be qualified as a terrorist act. At the same time, due to the position of the Ukrainian side, we still can’t initial the ceasefire control mechanism - additional measures.
I note that only from the beginning of April, Staromikhailovka was bombarded 33 times by the AFU, including 11 times using weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements. 734 ammunition was fired in the village, of which 33 were artillery shells and 49 mines, resulting in damage to 52 residential buildings.
Natalia Nikonorova also appealed to all participants with a request for assistance in providing security guarantees for repair and restoration work in the gray zone in the area of the village of Elenovka, where for several months it has not been possible to eliminate the rush in the water supply network of the Elenovka boosting pump station due to the fact that the Ukrainian side does not provide the necessary security guarantees in the JCCC, which causes civilians to suffer.