Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The results of the group on security issues (june 23)

23 June 2021
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Today's discussion round on security issues within the framework of the Contact group meeting once again revealed the lack of readiness from Ukrainian representatives to reach productive agreements.

“Yesterday, based on the results of the working group meeting, the Donetsk People's Republic representative proposed to bring the key issue to the Contact group on which there are disagreements, namely, the concept of the Coordination Mechanism and the principles of its work. But, unfortunately, today it was not possible to settle and find common ground on this issue, since there are diametrically opposite opinions on bilateral interaction at the level of the parties' Representative office in the JCCC.

We insist that the Coordination Mechanism implies, first of all, operational, direct and regular parties interection with each other - as it was agreed when the Measures of ceasefire regime strengthen were signed on June 22, 2020. Such interection is necessary, firstly, in order to prevent violations of the ceasefire regime, and, secondly, in order to conduct effective violations verification, the proceedings for what reasons it happened, who is responsible and will be punished for the crimes committed.

But Kiev disagrees with this position and we perfectly understand why: since it is the Ukrainian side that mainly violates the ceasefire, it is quite obvious that no transparent and objective investigation is beneficial. 

Nevertheless, the people’s life, health and safety directly depend on the approval of the document, which will indicate the clear parameters of the Coordination Mechanism. The tragedies are occurred the recent day in the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, when the People's Militia servicemen were killed and wounded from Ukrainian armed formations aimed fire. Some of them died trying to evacuate their comrades in an ambulance with identification marks. It is a direct confirmation of the urgent need to agree clear procedure for direct interaction between the parties within the Representative office in the JCCC.

This is a question in which political PR and, moreover, sabotage and avoidance of discussion with us are inadmissible. That is why we categorically insist on the Coordination Mechanism, which we have been trying to discuss at the Minsk platform for more than 7 months, be promptly agreed and signed by the parties” - Natalia Nikonorova said.