Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The results of the group of security issues (June 25)

25 June 2020
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Today, at the Contact Group sitting regarding the security issues, Republics made a proposal on the issue of coordinating additional measures to strengthen and control the unlimited ceasefire that has been in force since July 21.
“We welcome the fact that the working group managed to advance in point-by-point coordination of almost half of the draft Supplement to the Framework Decision, we hope that the second part will be agreed at the next meeting.
In our opinion, the most urgent issue is the issue of coordination and approval of additional measures to control the current truce. In this context, it would be entirely advisable to coordinate and sign the list of such control measures directly, rather than the statement of the Contact Group that was already made when an unlimited ceasefire was introduced on July 21.
As practice has shown, oral statements do not lead to the necessary results, so if we signed a package of measures today that would ensure compliance with the current indefinite truce, this would be the most significant achievement in terms of security.
To do this, we proposed to discuss and sign the relevant document on a case-by-case basis, as obligations of the parties, and insisted that it be made public so that all performers and the world community knew exactly what was forbidden or needed to be done in a particular situation in order to avoid breaking the ceasefire.
However, instead of real work on the approval of additional measures, the Ukrainian delegation proposed today to “turn on” the ceasefire, thereby indirectly confirming it was “turned off” for Ukraine’s part, despite the fact that no one declared the indefinite truce finished.
In this regard, we urged representatives of official Kiev to “turn it on” urgently, since we again have wounded and killed civilians” - Natalia Nikonorova told about the negotiation situation in terms of security.
Regarding the issue of mine activities, the parties agreed by June 30 to send a map with clear coordinates for conducting mine activities, so that the working group could continue to work in this direction and reach a practical level.