Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The results of the group on security issues (November 25)

25 November 2020
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As part of the discussion of the security group meeting results, the participants of the Contact Group heard a report of the coordinator, Ambassador Cevik, who focused on the fact that for the first time in his work in the group he was forced to end the meeting ahead of schedule due to the negotiation deadlock.
“We constantly hear, at least strange for us, statements from the representatives of Ukraine that the Measures are supposedly working. A few figures from the OSCE SMM reports that demonstrate the opposite. Just in two weeks between sessions, by the cases where it is easy to identify the firing side, the number of ceasefire violations was 29 times by Ukraine and, for contrast, only one by the DPR.
Critical civil infrastructure is again targeted by the AFU - in the Donetsk Filtration Station area, the Mission confirms the situation aggravation. Almost 40 facts of positional violations are in all directions. In addition, the AFU is actively advancing prohibited weapons to the line of contact.
But the most worrying: for the first time since the Measures introduction, the Mission recorded civilian casualties caused by AFU in the village of Aleksandrovka. It was a 21-year-old boy and his 69-year-old grandfather, both shell-shocked and needed medical treatment. The houses were also damaged. Before that, there were casualties among the defenders of the Republic: three were killed and one seriously wounded.
The statistics of November is worse than statistics for the previous three months. It clearly proves that the Measures do not work! And this is happening solely because the coordination mechanism, which was supposed to become an effective mechanism for verifying and responding to all violations recorded by the parties and the OSCE SMM, after the failure by the Ukrainian side of the agreement of the Contact Group on the Inspection of AFU Positional Violations in the area of Shumy turned into profanity.
Because of this, the Ukrainian side is doing absolutely nothing - neither to prevent such gross violations, nor to eliminate those already recorded. Instead, the shooting does not stop, new trenches are being dug, civilians suffer! And our opponents repeat that cliché that the Measures are working, that they are satisfied with everything about them, and at the negotiating platform they continue to “nod” in our direction, instead of discussing and agreeing on specific rules for the work of the coordination mechanism.
This position is top cynical and absurdly. It should not continue this way. It is necessary to agree on a working, efficient mechanism for a complete fire and violations cease,- Natalia Nikonorova said about the Contact Group meeting.