Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic


27 October 2021
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At today's meeting of the Contact Group on security issues, Ukrainian negotiators did not answer any of the many and extremely acute questions posed by representatives of the Donetsk People's Republic.

 “At the very meeting’s beginning, we immediately raised a question of whether the Ukrainian representatives at the Minsk site confirm the use of Bayraktar UAVs on the DPR territory, as announced at the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And then we witnessed some kind of farce: the negotiators from Ukraine first tried to get away from this issue, then directly stated that they regularly use UAVs, and a couple of hours later a statement by the Ukrainian Minister of Defense appeared in the media, in which he denies the use of Bayraktar strike drones by Ukraine. After all these plot twists, we directly asked the Ukrainian delegation: are such stuffing carried out by Kiev to create media panic and deliberate misinformation? But in response from the Ukrainian side there was only silence.” – the DPR Plenipotentiary stated.

The situation with the seizure of Staromaryevka village is blatant: the Ukrainian representative indirectly confirmed that the armed forces of Ukraine entered the territory of this settlement, which is a flagrant violation not only of the Minsk agreements, but also of a number of international law acts.

 “The most cynical statements of the Ukrainian side were about the fact that allegedly Staromaryevka was previously under Ukraine’s control: this is a blatant lie, since this settlement was identified as a site for the disengagement of forces and hardware, the OSCE SMM visited Staromaryevka and confirmed that this settlement had been demilitarized. But despite this, the Ukrainian delegation declares it directly to us and to the OSCE representatives that they now control Staromaryevka, where more than 180 people live. We know that the OSCE SMM visited Staromaryevka today, the head of the Mission confirmed this today at a meeting, promising to provide a report. Let's hope for the prompt report publication and an objective reflection of what is happening in this settlement.

We also consider it unacceptable that the observer of the LPR Representation in the JCCC Andrey Kosyak has not yet been released, according to which the Ukrainian side is constantly changing its version of what he is, in fact, allegedly guilty of, and for what reason he was kidnapped despite his inviolable status. Moreover, today we heard from the representatives of Ukraine that they now consider him a citizen of Ukraine and that they will judge him precisely as a citizen of Ukraine, but that his Russian citizenship in Kiev has been sharply forgotten. At the same time, the OSCE coordinator in the security group noted in his report a clear chronology of the day when the observer of the LPR Representation in the JCCC was abducted, such a fixation can be welcomed. Nevertheless, the Ukrainian side refused to agree on the inclusion of this chronology in the official OSCE report - this is an excellent demonstration of the fact that Ukraine wants to hide and distort the truth about the abduction as much as possible” - Natalia Nikonorova emphasized.

In the current circumstances of colossal tension, when the Ukrainian side again attempted to undermine the oil depot in the Kirovsky district of Donetsk with a UAV, it is stepping up shelling of the Republic, due to which innocent residents and children are injured, occupies our settlement, captures and does not release a representative of the JCCC, we can conclude that Ukraine is doing everything to provoke us to retaliatory actions. Obviously, the current Ukrainian government under the leadership of Zelensky is simply trying to divert attention from the catastrophic socio-economic situation in this state by fomenting an escalation in Donbass. Moreover, the leadership of Ukraine is ready to cause fire on its own servicemen.