Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The results of the group on security issues (April 28)

28 April 2021
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At today's meeting of the Contact Group, in terms of security issues, attempt was made to constructively reduce the escalation and return Ukraine to its obligations under the Measures to strengthen the ceasefire.

“The mediators, represented by the Russian Federation, proposed today, at the level of the Contact Group, to agree on launching from tomorrow of a coordination mechanism for verification and prevention of violations of the ceasefire regime, provided for by the Measures to strengthen the ceasefire of July 22, 2020 and the blocked by Kiev since the fall of 2020. Republics supported this initiative and emphasized the need to immediately start detailing the provisions specified in the statement for the most effective mechanism’s use.

However, the Ukrainian negotiators, verbally declaring their support for such an initiative, actually did everything to disrupt the agreement of a really effective document, resorting to their traditional methods of substituting wording in such a way as to replace the obligations to observe a permanent ceasefire with incomprehensible temporary truces. At the same time, Ukraine has done everything to make parties responsible for the ceasefire illegible” - said the DPR Plenipotentiary.

To achieve a concrete practical result, the Republics and the Russian Federation proposed 7 different compromise versions.

“But, unfortunately, Ukraine is not interested in anything that concerns real and constructive steps. It came up with some kind of virtual red lines, instead of discussing the essence, it was engaged in casuistry, rejected all our proposals, just to prevent a clear indication in the document the fact that the conflict parties are Kiev and Republics. Taking into account this behavior, we conclude that Ukraine feels great within the framework of the constant throwing of empty, meaningless and unimportant slogans into the media space, but productive activities to ensure sustainable peace in Donbass are the last priorities for the Ukrainian authorities”- summed up Natalia Nikonorova.