Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The results of the group on security issues (September 4)

04 September 2019
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Today, at a sitting of the group on security issues as part of the discussion on the status of the current ceasefire, Republic’s negotiators focused on a record increase in the number of shellings by Ukrainian armed forces, which resulted in civilian casualties and massive destruction of infrastructure.

“We are convinced that the Ukrainian leadership should be responsible for the implementation of additional measures, conduct appropriate proceedings on all the facts that have led to civilians and apply appropriate disciplinary measures to violators, in other case the war crimes of its armed groups will continue. We wait an active support of mediators in the negotiation process - the OSCE and the Russian Federation, as well as of the curators of Ukraine - the guarantor countries of the Minsk agreements in order to influence official Kiev to comply with the ceasefire and especially additional control measures. We hope that an important incentive for everyone will be the understanding that the new school year has begun” – Republic’s Plenipotentiary explained.

One of the topical issues remains the separation of forces and means in the pilot areas and, in particular, the procedure for completing the implementation of the conditions of the 2016 Framework Decision.

“Kiev could not clearly indicate its position on our draft supplement and its acceptable procedure for implementing all the conditions for completing the separation of forces and means at Petrovskoe and Zolotoe. In this regard, the Republics proposed to hold an extraordinary video conference as soon as possible, which should be fully devoted to the issues of the separation of forces and means, as well as the approval of the schedule of specific events developed by the Republics. Such a systematic approach will make it possible to unify all the necessary operations in order to actually complete the withdrawal process. Moreover, the written approval of the document, in our opinion, is the key to avoiding its violations. The Ukrainian party and the mediators have supported this initiative. However, the Ukrainian representative agreed to hold a videoconference no earlier than September 10, although there is a need for holding it as soon as possible” - Natalia Nikonorova stated.