Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The results of the group on security issues (July 7)

07 July 2021
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In the course of today’s negotiation round of the group on security issues the Ukrainian party tried to succeed in earning political scores from the world community through requiring answers and solutions from mediators – OSCE and Russian Federation.

“Today the deputy head of Ukrainian delegation Mr. Merezhko made a loud statement that Ukraine allegedly cares of ordinary Donbass people’s life and security. That is why we asked Kiev’s representative 3 questions: what prevents official Kiev to finally agree on the Coordination mechanism parameters, because the implementation of the Measures to strengthen the ceasefire regime directly depends on its approval and full launch.

Secondly, we inquired what goal the Ukrainian party pursues, asking questions not to us, as a party to the conflict, but to the coordinators from the OSCE, who, according to their mandate, perform the mediating function.

And thirdly, we asked if this ignorance tactic of Republics’ opinion at the Minsk platform connected to the recent statements of the Ukraine’s president about his readiness to fence off the Donbass with a wall?

If such a willingness really takes place, then the Ukrainian leadership should declare it openly and officially. It should announce its withdrawal from the Minsk process and stop making a "good face during a bad game", when in words it is declared adherence to the Minsk agreements, but in fact they are violated every day.

Mr. Merezhko answered all our questions characteristically: at first, he tried to address them to the representative of Russia and then he stated that these questions he will answer only in the framework of the subgroup. Of course, we will definitely ask the Ukrainian side about this at the next meeting of the profile group” - DPR Plenipotentiary stated.

It can be stated right now that the attitude of the representatives of Ukraine to the questions from Republics and, in general, to the work in the Contact group is eloquent proof of the complete absence of Kiev at least the slightest understanding of the peace negotiations essence and the desire to come to constructiveness within their framework.