Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The results of the group on security issues (April 8)

08 April 2020
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Unfortunately, at the meeting of the Contact group today, no progress was made on any of the items of the agenda.
So, regarding the issue of approving new areas of disengagement, plenipotentiary Natalia Nikonorova reminded the attendants that as of today, the DPR has submitted a total of 5 thoroughly developed proposals that take into account all the requirements of the Framework decision.
“In fact, at the moment there is a real opportunity to agree the plan-schedule for disengagement in four areas that were proposed by the Republics and did not cause objections from Ukraine, and finally proceed to its approval. We are ready for any start date of disengagement. However, instead of productive work, the Ukrainian side prefers to seek publicity, offering to postpone the approval and hold another meeting of the profile group this Friday, April 10, at 23:00 without providing their positions in advance. Due to the obvious inexpediency, this proposal was not supported by other participants” – said Natalia Nikonorova about the situation with the approval of new disengagement areas.
The DPR plenipotentiary noted that the Republic has long sent its draft Supplement to the Framework decision on disengagement of forces and means, as well as proposals to the draft of the Russian Federation.
“As early as April 6, we were ready to discuss the projects in detail within the framework of the group on security issues, arguing for our amendments, taking into account the main goals and objectives of this Supplement.”
Another important issue in terms of security was the agreement on the text of the Contact group’s Statement in support of the indefinite truce that has been in effect since July 21, 2019, including additional measures to strengthen and control it.
“We must follow the path of progress, that is, not to delete previously agreed measures, as the Ukrainian side does, but on the contrary, to supplement, improving the package of measures that, as practice has shown, must be adopted and signed by the parties for full effect. In our opinion, if the Ukrainian side refuses even from previously agreed measures, they thus demonstrate their unwillingness to follow the path of peace and refuses to take steps that are designed to ensure the control of the ceasefire regime.
At the same time, let me remind you that we supported the initiative of Mr. Yermak at the meeting of the Contact group in Minsk on March 11 to introduce measures to establish direct telephone communication if necessary to immediately stop violations of the ceasefire. In our opinion, this is a really important and effective measure for operational control of ceasefire. Therefore, we were surprised when we saw the Ukrainian side editing the text of the Statement of the Contact group, where they crossed out this measure. And for us it is absolutely unacceptable to delete previously agreed essential measures, such as “non-use of any kind of fire, including sniper”, “ban offensive operations and reconnaissance and sabotage operations”, “publication and compliance with orders to cease-fire, that needs to be done by public statements of the high command of the parties” – explained the plenipotentiary about the situation with adoption of the Statements of the Contact group.