Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The results of the group of security issues (July 8)

08 July 2020
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Today at the Contact Group sitting regarding security issues, the participants heard a report of the profile group coordinator, exchanged views and outlined their positions on the main agenda items.
“We welcome the work continuation on the draft Supplement to the Framework Decision, as well as some progress in the work of the group in terms of coordinating the mine action, but in this situation, the rule “nothing is agreed until everything is agreed” works. Therefore, today it was decided to continue the dialogue and to formulate a full-scale mine clearance plan to agree on the remaining 7 areas, among which there are critical infrastructure facilities that require repair and restoration work.
The key priority issue for us is the speedy approval and signing of additional measures to control the current cease-fire, on which, despite all the efforts made by us and the mediator in the person of the Russian Federation, to our surprise, no progress is taking place: the Ukrainian delegates indistinctly reacted to the discussion and approval specific measures, and the OSCE coordinators, for reasons incomprehensible to us, were completely silent.
This state of affairs allows the armed formations of Ukraine to unpunished continue the ongoing shelling of Republic’s territories, which lead to devastating consequences.
In this regard, we asked the OSCE coordinators to clarify the situation with blocking the approval and signing of additional measures. In response, Ms. Grau assured us that in the near future the OSCE will have a working document with a list of additional measures outlined in the framework of the meeting in the Normandy format fields, which will immediately be sent as a base for elaboration in a profile group” - Natalia Nikonorova told about the negotiation situation in terms of security.