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Donetsk People's Republic

Results of the sitting of the group on security issues (June 05)

05 June 2019
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Today, almost two months on, due to the change of power and representatives of Ukraine, the Minsk negotiating platform resumed its work.

“We welcome the efforts of the Ukrainian party in a kind of their official representatives change, with whom we discussed views and positions on the most important issues on the agendas of all working groups. Ukraine’s representatives showed a desire to start constructive cooperation, and I would like this time to start making positive statements in practice” - Natalia Nikonorova said.

Of course, the focus of the work of the Contact group was on security issues. In the framework of today's meeting, the consequences of violations by the Ukrainian armed forces of the existing truce and the related coordination of additional measures by the parties to strengthen and control the ceasefire regime were brought up for discussion.

“The republics have repeatedly declared their readiness to support the establishment of a truly comprehensive and sustainable cease-fire, but for its effectiveness we insist on the earliest possible agreement on a package of additional measures to strengthen and control the truce” - DPR Plenipotentiary noted.

The Contact group set a clear task for the working group on security issues to promptly work out and submit a draft of additional measures to strengthen and control the armistice.

“The republics have prepared an absolutely working, generalized draft of additional measures on the basis of previously proposed by the OSCE, without which, as practice has shown, the Ukrainian armed forces are not able to observe the truce. We hope that the working group will soon be able to come to a compromise version of the long-awaited document.

We hope that the new Head of the OSCE SMM, Ambassador Yashar Halit Cevik, from the very beginning will take an active mediation position in the negotiation process in order to achieve positive developments” - Natalia Nikonorova informed.

Also a fundamentally important mechanism for the effectiveness of the cease-fire regime remains the implementation of the Framework Decision on the disengagement of forces, which previously could not be implemented for a long time due to the position of Ukraine.

“Today, at the Contact group sitting, the parties were able to agree and determine the date for the long-awaited disengagement of forces at the first pilot site -“Stanitsa Luganskaya”. According to the agreement, on June 9, the parties should send an appropriate notification to the OSCE SMM that on June 10 they are ready to withdraw their forces at side No. 1” - Nikonorova specified.