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Ukrainian party ruined the work of the group on security issues in Minsk

20 December 2018
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Work of the group on security issues in Minsk was ruined by the Ukrainian party. At this sitting it was planned to confirm the commitment of the parties to adhere cease-fire regime on the eve of the New Year and Christmas holidays, but representatives of Kiev deliberately delayed it for several hours, and after the sitting began, the Ukrainian delegation left a sitting room.

It once again demonstrated that Ukraine does not want a peaceful resolving of military conflict and is preparing for offensive actions, which is also confirmed by the OSCE CMM.

According to the Mission’s reports, after the introduction of martial law, the number of recorded explosions increased approximately in 1.5 times. After its entry into force, the armed forces of the enemy concentrated near the contact line a number of vehicles in 10 times as much as number of the Republic’s vehicles.
According to the DPR representation in the JCCC, from 4 to 18 December, the number of ceasefire violations by the Ukrainian armed forces increased: an average of 20 attacks per day (in the previous reporting period it was 19 attacks). Also increased the number of used ammunition.
Regular shelling by AFU the DPR territory with the use of mortars continues:
Mortars of 120 mm caliber were used 11 times, fired 44 mines;
Mortars of 82 mm caliber were used 44 times, fired 104 mines.

The hot spots are the neighborhoods of Gorlovka and the south of the Republic, as well as the residential areas: Donetsk (Aleksandrovka, Staromikhaylovka, village of “Trudovskaya shakhta”), Yasinovataya, Dokuchaevsk.

In the period between sittings in Minsk, from 4 to 18 December, 305 violations of the ceasefire by the armed forces of Ukraine were recorded, including 29 with the use of heavy weapons, 1 civilian was injured, 2 houses and 1 vehicle were damaged.

These statistics confirm the aggressive intentions of the Ukrainian party. The DPR official representative in the working group on security issues, Alexey Nikonorov, stated that the Ukrainian delegation was not ready to discuss the date of a new truce and agree on additional measures and deliberately ruined this meeting.

“Representatives of Kiev raised issues that did not concern the Minsk agreements, they tried to tie the date of the truce to the end of martial law in Ukraine. The OSCE SMM Coordinator proposed to hold a Contact Group meeting on December 27, 2018 in the form of a videoconference, at which a new document will be discussed to ensure a complete, sustainable and comprehensive ceasefire on the upcoming New Year and Christmas holidays. Nevertheless, until the appointed date, we do not exclude provocations from the Ukrainian party and possible escalation.” - Alexey Nikonorov stated.