Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The results of the groups on economical and humanitarian issues (April 8)

08 April 2020
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Today, the participants of the Contact group also heard a report from the OSCE coordinators on the results of the work of the subgroups on economic and humanitarian issues.
In the part concerning the agenda of economic group, all the main items were considered to some extent, among which special attention was paid to the problems in the work of CE “Company “Water of Donbass”, the debt of Ukraine on social obligations and wages.
As for the most important issue on the agenda of the subgroup on humanitarian issues, it should be noted that the Republic, as agreed at the last meeting, is ready to hand over to the Ukrainian side 8 fully legally cleared persons, whose whereabouts have been established, on any agreed date.
However, the representatives of Ukraine, instead of agreeing on a specific date for the exchange, returned the negotiation process to the stage of clarifying the lists that were agreed by the parties for this meeting.
Thanks to the perseverance of the representatives of the Republics, it was possible to return the work to a constructive course and reach a consensus with the Ukrainian side on all procedural issues of exchange. A confirmation of this, signed by all participants of the Contact group, is expected tomorrow.