Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The results of the group on humanitarian issues (June 10)

10 June 2020
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In terms of the humanitarian track, today, the Contact Group participants focused on two important issues: completion of the exchange procedure and the work of the control check points with the goal of creating a humanitarian corridor for Donbass residents.
As part of the discussion on the speedy completion of the procedural cleaning of persons released earlier in the exchange process, the Plenipotentiary recalled that Mr. Kuchma had signed a corresponding obligation to carry out all necessary procedural actions so that people would no longer be infringed upon their rights after being released and returned home.
“To date, out of 45 previously released, only 1 has passed all instances and has been procedurally cleared. We will not tire of insisting on an early solution to this critical situation.
Regarding the provision on the exchange of “all for all”, Republics provided a list of persons whose whereabouts were confirmed, while the Ukrainian side has not yet provided information on any person” - Natalia Nikonorova told about about negotiation situation in the humanitarian group.
An unusual situation has arisen when discussing the issues of the work of the checkpoints for humanitarian purposes.
“Unfortunately, the Ukrainian side ignored at the last meeting the discussion and coordination with us of the humanitarian regulations, and today it provoked - unilaterally partially resumed the work of its two checkpoints. Such actions led to inhumane consequences for civilians who were forced to stay for a long time under the scorching sun.
Republics insisted on the need to synchronize the admission process, while the right to enter the Republic’s territory would be precisely the needy persons whose lists have long been known, and in compliance with all necessary sanitary and epidemiological requirements. Another important point is the working hours of such humanitarian corridors, which should take into account high temperatures and be comfortable for people crossing the border. In addition to the work of these corridors, checkpoints should continue to be closed until the sanitary-epidemiological situation in Ukraine is stabilized. 
Such measures are dictated by the unstable situation with the spread of coronavirus infection, in particular in Ukraine. The whole world abolishes restrictive measures gradually - we believe that we should be guided by this logic.
However, at the very moment when the parties had to move on to the specifics and synchronize their actions on the issue of the checkpoints work for humanitarian purposes, representatives of the Ukrainian delegation left the connection for technical reasons. More than an hour later, the coordinator, Ambassador Grau, was forced to suspend the meeting and postpone further discussion of this topic until Monday. Also on Monday, the Contact Group will hear the results of the work of the group on economical issues” - Natalia Nikonorova said.