Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The results of the group on humanitarian issues (June 15)

15 June 2020
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Today’s meeting of the Contact Group in the form of a videoconference began with the call by Republics for urgent coordination of the control checkpoints work procedure.
“Despite the extreme importance and urgency of opening a humanitarian corridor through the checkpoints with the goal of creation a humanitarian corridor for citizens, Kiev did not provide a single answer to any question we asked or to our proposal. A month and a half ago, Republics prepared lists of people who have good and urgent reasons to cross the contact line. In addition, on June 9, we again sent these lists with a detailed description of our proposals on the procedure for organizing a humanitarian transfer through checkpoints.
However, the Ukrainian party did not respond to our proposals and also did not provide its own intelligible position. The only thing that the representatives of Ukraine were able propose was an extraordinary meeting of the humanitarian group, referring to the practical nature of the issues discussed. But the basis for such an extraordinary meeting in the form of concrete proposals was not provided by Kiev, and we do not known whether it will happen at all” – the DPR Plenipotentiary noted.
At the same time, Natalia Nikonorova emphasized that during the discussion of the border crossing procedure, it is necessary to take into account all humanitarian aspects, including those related to preventing the spread of coronavirus infection in the Republic.
“Nevertheless, representatives of Ukraine obviously do not care about such aspects - with their unilateral decision to open borders, they showed that they are indifferent to the life and health of our residents, as well as the epidemiological situation, which could significantly worsen as a result of uncontrolled passage of citizens from parties where the situation with coronavirus is rather unfavorable” – the DPR Foreign Minister added.

Thus, Kiev once again broke the discussion on organizing the implementation of humanitarian corridors through the checkpoints. Hundreds of people who are really in a difficult situation and are unable to get home, are forced to suffer due to the completely destructive approach of the Ukrainian party, which prefers to take unilateral actions of a provocative nature instead of initiating transparent and substantive negotiations on extremely important humanitarian issues.