Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The results of the groups on humanitarian and economical issues (August 21)

22 August 2019
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At today's sitting of the group on humanitarian issues, unfortunately, a substantive discussion did not take place. Negotiators from the Republics confirmed the almost complete readiness of all determined help persons for exchange, however, from the Ukrainian party there was no official representative, and the this expert did not have the necessary information.

Almost the same process took place in the work of the group on economical issues: the negotiators from Ukraine were not able to provide complete data on the economic activities of the SE “Water of Donbass”. Accordingly, the meeting of experts on this issue is again postponed. The topic of paying debts to railway employees has not been developed either, since official Kiev still puts its own material interests at the forefront.

Also, the Ukrainian party said that a working group in Kiev was allegedly looking for ways to resolve the issue of paying pensions to Donbass residents, but according to their own confessions, only unrealizable options are being discussed.