Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The results of the group on humanitarian issues (November 25)

25 November 2020
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It is still unclear on what basis the Ukrainian side proposes to make new exchanges and complete the previous ones? The version of the Roadmap, which it advertises, contains absolutely inconsistent steps that cannot be called anything other than provocations.

In the “Plan of Joint Steps” sent and advertised in all media, Ukraine first proposes (already on December 10 of this year) the return of the Armed Forces units to our territory, in the Republic, and then (on December 15) - the exchange procedure.

Does the Ukrainian delegation propose to add its servicemen to our list for the exchange? We, of course, are ready to meet them all, as it should be: detention, interrogation, initiation of a criminal case and etc. under the DPR criminal law. And then, of course, we'll include them to the exchange list. Is this a provocation on the part of Ukraine to make such proposals? - Perhaps, or maybe just an accidentally admitted absurdity! But fact is fact - this is the officially proposed draft "Plan of joint steps" from Ukraine.

At the same time, our roadmap clearly specifies logical and shortest terms for the exchange in the second category, i.e. people whose location is established, they are procedurally cleared and ready to exchange. But the Ukrainian side ignores our proposals, and calls for release only in the media.

In addition, without completing the procedural clearing, previous exchanges are considered incomplete. A lot of efforts were made to work out and agree on the corresponding document, which is signed by L.D. Kuchma, and this document contains Ukraine's commitment to carry out a full procedural clearing, which it has not yet carried out. For 11 months, out of 50 people who require this clearing, only one person was able to receive all legal rights.

We state again that the official representatives of Kiev at the talks continue to categorically ignore all the previously reached agreements, as well as the main Minsk documents.