Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic


27 May 2020
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During the discussion of the most important issue on the agenda of the working group on humanitarian issues - the exchange of detained persons, in particular, the speedy completion of the procedural cleansing of persons released earlier in the exchange process, Ukrainian representatives stated that they did not undertake such obligations.
The coordinator, Ambassador Frisch noticed such a regression in the position of the Ukrainian negotiators and recalled that these agreements have been in force since 2017; he urged Kiev to return to fulfilling its obligations.
Also, the Ukrainian negotiators refused to discuss at the working group the urgent issue of creating a humanitarian corridor for urgent citizens to move to adjacent territories through the control checkpoints, which are now closed due to coronovirus infection. Representatives of Ukraine, for unclear reasons, tried to connect this issue with security issues. However, all participants in the Contact Group called on the Ukrainian side to nevertheless provide their position for the implementation of the necessary humanitarian procedure. We hope that this will be done soon.