Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic


08 July 2020
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As for the humanitarian topic, today, the Contact group participants continued to discuss the urgent issue of completing the exchange procedure, as well as the procedural issues of subsequent exchanges.
“Today, representatives of official Kiev have not changed their position and continued to avoid the fulfilling their obligations to complete the earlier exchange regarding the full procedural cleansing of released persons. Also today, in our opinion, an illogical proposal was made to split up categories and statuses of individuals to form new lists for exchange.
At the moment, four comprehensive categories are clearly defined, according to which we have worked out our list of persons for the subsequent exchange and are ready to send it before July 10.
Instead of exchanging the formed lists for approval, representatives of official Kiev suggest adding two more statuses, one of which is already taken into account, and the second contradicts the relevant clauses of the Minsk agreements.
The stabilizing factor in this situation was the negotiation coordinators, who supported our view that the four categories previously approved by the parties are exhaustive. Everything is ready from our side, we are waiting for the reaction of the Ukrainian party” - Natalia Nikonorova said.