Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Natalia Nikonorova on the attitude of world leaders to the situation in Donbass

07 March 2017

J. – One year ago "Steinmeier’s formula" was proposed. It is unlikely that the Western countries have changed their political leadership. In particular, the United States of America has chosen a new president, and there are many opinions about what kind of policy will come. Regarding Ukraine, such opinions also exist, they are different. What do You think, in connection with the passage of time, with the change of political directions, will the West influence Ukraine for the implementation of Minsk agreements?

N.N. – In our opinion, the pressure is to be increased. First of all, we make a lot of attempts to reach any compromises, a lot of alternative proposals for the implementation of various items of Minsk agreements and OSCE representatives, coordinators, in principle, support our attempts. They also make a lot of efforts to find a compromise that will suit both sides of the conflict. We feel this support and hope that they report on this fact in the "Normandy format". The situation becomes more and more obvious for the leaders of the "Normandy format" and in general for the whole world community about who delays and hinders the process of conflict settlement. Therefore, we still think that pressure will be exerted on the official authorities of Kiev for the purpose of implementation. We can also analyze the statements following the meeting of the "Normandy format", in particular, the leaders and the ministers of foreign affairs... rhetoric changes. We have already heard for the first time something that was not heard before from any European politician. We have heard confirmation that it is true in the documents that the process of transferring control over the border must pass after a full political settlement. It is what we have been trying to say long year and a half and now European politicians are beginning to respond it and confirm the fact that documents were signed and thus they should be implemented.